Bruce Tiffney
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  Professor: Angiosperm Paleo- and Neocarpology, Angiosperm Paleobiogeography, Paleobiology and Evolution of Land Plants, Plant-Animal Interactions in the Fossil Record
Office: Webb Hall 1120




I am fascinated by the evolution of plants viewed in the broadest of terms, and thus involving their fossil record. I believe that facts and theories are inseparable and thus my research embraces both classical descriptive systematics based on anatomy and morphology, and the establishment of broader, more speculative, hypotheses.
     My systematic specialty involves detailed comparative studies of fossil fruits and seeds of angiosperms. The information accumulated in these studies has led me to explore ideas of increasingly greater scope, including patterns of phytogeography, plant-animal interactions and the broad-scale evolution of land plants. As a result, at any one time I generally am pursuing several disparate research areas.



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